About Us

About Us


Nomad Resto

By its nature, Nomad Resto is a very stylistic character who likes to come along with time. Our warm, spacious interior and even warmer service will welcome everyone who drops by. We offer different flavor combos with some modern twist. Nomad is a perfect place to dine with just a few friends or even with larger groups. Get in touch or book a table!

Traditional tastes with a modern twist

Our head chefs took some serious time to figure out new, and of course - tasty dishes! Our goal is to offer something more than food. We would like to offer an experience you wouldn't forget easily, and stays with you for a long time.

Quality raw materials is quality food!

We believe, that good food is only possible thanks to quality raw materials. We value the freshness and quality of our foodstuff and we only buy the finest that is out on the market. We aim to prefer as much Estonian foodstuff as possible because home food is always and always the best food.